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Chardonnay Extra Brut

pf BDB 18_Resized.jpg


Alcohol:        11.93 %vol
RS:                 2.6 g /l – Extra Brut
TA:                 7.5 g/l
pH:                3.08


48% Darling, 36% Robertson, 16% Cape Agulhas
The Chardonnay grapes exclusively used for this Blanc de Blancs were selected from diverse geographical areas including Darling, Robertson and Cape Agulhas. Each terroir offers fruit of distinctive site expression, allowing the cellarmaster to harness diverse flavour profiles into an individual Cap Classique of layered complexity.


Grapes are hand-picked in the coolness of early morning, whereafter each bunch undergoes a thorough selection process ensuring only the finest and healthiest fruit is approved to partake in the magical journey of Cap Classique crafting. Whole-bunch press separates the cuvée from the
taille, with only the pure, unblemished cuvée portion used to further the process. After settling, most of the beautiful clear juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks, with a small portion set aside to undergo fermentation in traditional French oak barrels from Tonnellerie Artisanale de Champagne (Pièce Champenoise).
This oaked component offers complexity and depth, as well as the focus point required to establish the wine’s exceptional status. The various individual parcels are then selected by means of a through tasting process to make individual sections for the Blanc de Blancs. After the initial fermentation, the wine is prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle. Here the wine is allowed to live on the lees for six years, drawing structure, palate-weight and, of course, creating the millions of magical bubbles. The sediment is removed through the traditional process of remuage and dégorgement, after which the bottles are corked and laid down for six months cork maturation.


On the eye it shows an enchanting luminous straw colour.

The bubbles are persistent and extremely fine in the glass.

The experience on the palate is a display of classic yeasty tones that
have layers of flavours expressing lime pith, citrus peel and green almond, the wine finishing on a comforting brioche note.

The experience is memorable, a Cap Classique focussed on precision
with a firm, well integrated mousse and persistent bead and flavours - the universal lifeblood of a great bottle- fermented sparkling wine.

BDB 2018
XBRUT 2020


Chardonnay Extra Brut

   75% Chardonnay

   25% Pinot Noir

pf Birdsong 20_Resized.jpg


Alcohol:        11.83 %vol
RS:                 3.5 g/l – Extra Brut
TA:                 7.7 g/l
pH:                3.16


For the Chardonnay – which makes up 75% of the blend – grapes were selected from two diverse geographical areas in the Cape Winelands, namely Napier (52%) and Robertson (48%). Both regions offer distinctive nuances in their fruit allowing intriguing complexity. The wine’s Pinot Noir component originates from a single vineyard parcel in Napier. This diversity of terroir behind the Birdsong wine allows for the expression of various soils, including weathered shale, rich limestone deposits and decomposed granite.


Both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are hand-selected in the vineyard and picked by hand. The grapes were whole-bunch pressed and with the separation of cuvée from the taille, the clear cuvée juice components were individually fermented in stainless steel tank. After fermentation the various individual sections were selected in a rigorous tasting process to ensure only the finest portions are used for the Birdsong blend. After blending the wine was prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle. Here, in bottle, the wine was allowed to live on the lees for four years before the sediment was removed through the traditional process of remuage and dégorgement. The bottles were then corked and laid
down for a further period of maturation under cork.


Lovely light straw in colour with an exceptionally fine bead of bubbles. Hints of citrus and white fruit aromatics are layered with a rich element of brioche. Fine entry on palate, being supported by red berry fruit with definite notes of raspberry. Bright acidity leads the wine’s
layered vibrancy and elevates mid-palate complexity which features a slight maritime character. The finish is luxurious in persistence, with a final flourish of brioche, citrus and a intoxicating floral note.


Pinot Noir 100%

pf Rose 17_Resized.jpg


Alcohol:        12 %vol
RS:                 2.6 g/l – Extra Brut
TA:                 6.2 g/l
pH:                3.20


Pinot Noir was selected from four diverse geographical sites in the Cape Winelands, namely Elgin (32%), Robertson (30%), Tygerberg (22%) and Stellenbosch (16%). Various soil platforms comprising weathered shale,

rich limestone deposits and decomposing granite provide a palette of
differing element to the grapes which are the building blocks of this Cap Classique Rosé.


All grapes are hand-selected and hand-picked to ensure premium quality fruit. Prior to wholebunch pressing bunches were allowed a brief period of enzymatic colour extraction to draw sufficient natural colour before pressing. After whole-bunch pressing and the separating of the cuvée from the taille only the cuvée portion is used. Once allowed to settle the clear juice was fermented in stainless steel, a small portion undergoing fermentation in Clayver pots (ceramic ), to ensure extra fruit purity. Following on the first fermentation the different base Pinot Noirs wines
were blended before the secondary fermentation commenced in bottle. Here the wine was left on the lees for five years before the sediment was removed by the traditional process of remuage and disgorgement. The bottles were then corked and laid down for a further six months’
maturation under cork.


The colour is pale, unshowy yet delicate in its radiant salmon pink hue. Subtle aromas lead to aromatic nuances of elegant raspberry and sour cherry developing into beautiful red fruit aromatics. On the palate the wine has a bright, sherbet-like entry with a touch of beguiling savoury and ends in a bright maritime salinity. There is a lengthy linger of strawberry and
raspberry notes that evoke a brilliant brightness complemented by

well-structured layers of brioche and an integrated mousse.

Rosé 2017



To get details on where you can get your bottle of Pieter Ferreira Cap Classique, contact us at:

Telephone     +27 (0)82 909 1116



Oak House 


South Africa



South Africa - Ex Animo Wine Co

Canada, Ontario - Le Sommelier

Sweden - Cape Wine Experience

United Kingdom - RAKQ

Norway - J Island Wine

Germany - The Cape House

China - Taylor Trading

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